Hi. Following on from last year's Space for Encounter events, I'm in the process of sorting out dates for some of this year's programme. SPACE FOR ENCOUNTER events are all designed to help bring a spiritual context into different experiences.


This is a new initiative based around the majesty of God in the creation around us. It has two streams:

1. THE WORLD AROUND US (Nature) - This is primarily based around the natural world around us, and the life that surrounds us, particularly the great diversity of birds we have in Cornwall. I'm looking for sites ideally, where a walk can be combined with enjoying nature, especially bird watching.

Confirmed Date:

Saturday 10th February, 2pm - Tresillian River (open to all)

2. OUT OF THIS WORLD (Universe) - This is looking into the night sky, beyond our world, into the created cosmos. This is primarily about the experience of observing planets, stars and galaxies from dark sky sites in Cornwall, and just soaking up the majesty of the Night Sky. A telescope is made available for use at these events. Other options I have delivered include sessions with groups about the solar system (incuding a walking scale model!), and on the wonder of Solar Eclipses in which I have a particular interest.

Confirmed Date:

27th January - Young Adult group, Truro,

If you would be interested in either hosting a “World around us” or “Out of this World” event, please get in touch, and we can explore potential suitable venues.


Meditative, prayerful drumming using the Psalms. What are these ancient words saying to us today? Might we even be able to connect with God? There was a Lent tour around Cornwall last year, and it was fascinating to see how people engaged with this activity - even those who were really concerned as to whether they had any sense of rhythm at all! A lot of people found it a profound experience.

Feedback from a pupil at Truro School “That was really powerful!”. It’s a great way of people being able to express physically what is on their heart, and many have reported how they’ve experienced a deep sense of peace.

I'm currently particularly looking for churches who are interested in hosting a Divine Drumming session during Lent, as I'm putting together another tour during that period; I would be delighted to have the opportunity to run a session in your church.

Confirmed date:

Tuesday 20th February, Epiphany House (open session to all).

Please let me know if you might be at all interested. Suitable for youth groups, and adults. Find your beat, discover your rhythm!

Facebook page



Inspired by the Prayer Spaces in Schools initiative, reflective spaces are created for Year 6 children as they prepare for transition to secondary school. Last year, there were a series of Transition Space events across schools in the St Piran's Cross MAT. I'm really excited by the potential to develop this work further in 2018. If your school or Trust would be interested in hosting one of these sessions, please let me know.

Feedback: "We didn’t know that this was how some of our pupils were feeling, we thought they were fine. We need to go and address some of these issues back in class” – Year 6 teacher from a school last year.

A chance to look back, and to look forward; a chance to let go and a chance to give thanks.


A new take on an ancient tradition, Beach Labyrinth gives an opportunity to think about the journey of your life. A chance to let go of any rubbish, a chance to draw a line in the sand and move on, a chance to make a solid change for the better. The project is now in its tenth year and around 7,000 people have walked the path, with many sharing the profound impact it’s had upon them. I like to work alongside small groups from churches to create and facilitate these journeys on the sand. Another full scale tour of Cornwall is being planned for this summer. Please let me know if your circuit or church would be interested in working with me to create one of these. Check out the Beach Labyrinth facebook page for some moving testimonies. Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Beach-labyrinth-177148805677510/ (Or Google Beach Labyrinth, it's the first thing that comes up!)


An indoor alternative to the beach labyrinth, I have a canvas labyrinth which can be used with prayer stations, or as a prayer journey on its own. Used recently at Truro College for a Wholeness and Well Being Fayre and in church services.


Reflective, meditative, atmospheric services involving chants and silence based on the worship style of the Taize Community in France. Last year I ran several of these around the District in Tresillian, Grampound Road and Falmouth. I’m looking to put on more of these in 2018, especially in smaller chapels or with evening congregations. This is an opportunity for people to soak up the contemplative atmosphere and be still and present before God. I'm also exploring possibility of taking a group from Truro College to Taize this summer.

Look forward to hearing from you about any of the above!

Every blessing

Andrew Nicholson

Cornwall Methodist Youth Enabler