A policy is a principle or protocol to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes. It is a statement of intent.


As individuals we are members of God's world-wide church.
The Falmouth and Gwennap Methodist Circuit currently consists of 16 Churches, Langholme, a MHA where we hold services weekly and also Gwennap Pit, which is a District project.


Together we aim to:
• practise worship and ways of communication that are honouring to God and meaningful to existing and potential new members.
• encourage spiritual development based on prayer, Biblical teaching, fellowship and obedience - exercising gifts and enabling development of the God given potential of whole lives for service.
• care for those in need, including the faithful elderly; continue to support and encourage families and young people; challenge injustice.
• engage with local communities using actions and words to share the good news of God's transforming love.


We will also:
• consider ways of bringing spending on the maintenance of ministry (ie. the status quo) into line with income enabling the release of resources for new initiatives.
• work in collaboration with other churches and organisations where possible.