Falmouth & Gwennap Circuit
Adopted at Circuit Meeting, June 19th 2019, Lanner

Revised from Circuit Vision Statement of March 2018
The Falmouth & Gwennap Circuit:
existing to identify where God is at work, and to join in.
We recognise our particular responsibility to support & resource the churches, members and friends that make up the Circuit.

• Engage with local communities using actions and words to share the good news of God's transforming love.
• Practise worship and ways of communication that are honouring to God and meaningful to existing and potential new members.
• Encourage spiritual development based on prayer, Biblical teaching, fellowship and obedience - exercising gifts and enabling development of the God given potential of whole lives for service.
• Care for those in need, including the faithful elderly; continue to support and encourage families and young people.
• Challenge injustice.
• Cherish our place in the World Church, both at home and abroad.

• Creatively seeking to sustain and grow a relevant Christian presence in our communities that is welcoming, hospitable, inclusive and responsive to local needs.
• Wherever possible, working in partnership with others of good will.
• A fruitful and continual consideration of how we resource the “normal” elements of circuit life and “do” church.
• Seeking to empower lay people, by identifying, growing and encouraging the use of their gifts.
• Growing mature disciples of Christ.
• Ring-fencing at least a quarter of our “paid” ministry time for outreach, mission and enabling our lay people.
• Working within structures (governance, ways of working etc) where we are accountable to one another, and ultimately God.
• Encouraging innovation and looking for new opportunities at circuit and local church levels.

Over the short term (within 12 months) we will:-
• Create a template which may be used for local church Mission Statement/Action Plan.
• Encourage local churches to agree a local church Mission Statement/Action Plan.
• Encourage each local church to review its progress with regards the “Local Church Spectrum” **
• Each local church to do an audit around welcome and hospitality.
• Get 50% of our members across the Circuit involved in a small group over Bible Month, & 33% over the year.
• Encourage people to consider their calling within the work of God, eg Local Church roles, Circuit roles, and emerging roles.
• Commit ourselves to supporting the World Church by raising awareness, (eg MWiB, Coffee AMs, World Day of Prayer, Easter Offering, holding a World Church Sunday) and raising at least £2,000/year for the (Methodist) World Mission Fund.
• Receive and consider a report from Structures Fit for Purpose Group.
• Actively support the work of Navigating Change Group.
• Set up & implement a Local Leadership training/enabling/appointing scheme.
• Explore resourcing & identify a focal champion(s) for Young People’s work.
• Carry out a thorough financial review, with budget to be balanced by 2023-24.

Over the medium term (1 to 2 years) we will:-
• Respond to and support Local Church plans.
• Seek to engage membership in evangelism, especially seeking to connect with events already happening in our churches.
• Set up a Green Team to help churches engage.
• Model structures that will enable long term sustainability & growth.

Over the medium/longer term (2 to 5 years) we will:-
• Creatively use our properties.
• Implement the Local Leadership Scheme across all churches as appropriate.
• Take necessary steps to reach a realistic budget to be balanced by 2023-24.

• The above goals & vision statement will be reviewed annually.
• Progress towards the goals adopted will be reported to every Circuit Meeting.

**Local Church Spectrum

Local church Spectrum