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On Good Friday, Falmouth & Penryn Churches Together put on a powerful and moving modern day re-enactment of the crucifixion on the Moor. Despite the rain, more than a hundred people gathered to witness the event that was both shocking and beautiful. Many know the story, but many more do not. Perhaps this was the day to change all that. Perhaps you were one of those touched by the light in the rain upon the cross. We would love to hear your comments, however you felt. Share your photos with us. Let us share this day with the many who could not make it- let us spread the word. Today is a Good day. Today is a God day.

Thank you to all those who bore witness and thank you to the 50 or so volunteers it took to bring this poignant day to life. None of this would have been possible without you all.

The Easter Live event on Sunday was a wonderful celebration of life. With hundreds of people flocking to have their face painted, make crafts or go on the bouncy castle, the day was a lively event to say the least. The Salvation Army band played and Harbour Lights worship band provided an amazing selection of Blue Grass and Country music that got many up and dancing. There were free hot cross buns and tea that made the whole affair feel like a proper Spring day.

And again, all of this couldn't have been possible without the amazing generosity of over 60 people (and then some), who gave their time to make this such a special day. And not to forget Baker Toms of course, for the donation of some very tasty hot cross buns. (And all of the other businesses who donated- I'm sorry I cannot name you all.)

In early December, I represented the Methodist circuit at the Youth Synod in St Ives, the theme of the weekend was ‘Digging Deeper’.

There were 29 of us altogether from all over the county who took part. Some of the highlights for me were meeting new friends, getting to know people who i didn't know so well and talking about science in contrast with religion which was very interesting.


There were a great range of different seminars to go to over the weekend. We also did team activities, and in those teams we did competitions and made friends very easily. We also all took part in leading a time of worship, (acting, musically,  prayers or dance) This was also a good opportunity to meet people with similar interests to you. One of my favourite things we did was sand sculpting on the beach at St Ives. This went along with the theme of "digging deeper" we had to make something out of sand that resembled the theme, it was great fun .We also thought about our journey with God using a beach labrinth made by the leaders, this was interesting as an end to the weekend to reflect on everything we had learnt and the great time we had.

I know he loves me:
My grace is sufficient:
Draw near my child:
Father when you look at me:

FG Service

As God's people we are called to respond to his love made
known to us through Jesus Christ.
As His disciples, in our daily lives we are committed to:

The Church exists to increase awareness of God's presence and to celebrate God's love.

The Church exists to help people grow and learn as Christians, through mutual
support and care.

The Church exists to be a good neighbour to people in need and to challenge injustice.

The Church exists to make more followers of Jesus Christ.