What will this day bring? Things, stuff, belongings. Things that will be mine to enjoy. Stuff that I want. Belongings that I can keep for ever. Oh the joy of owning things. This day I have everything I desire. I have the fun of receiving it, opening it, examining it, using it, displaying it….. Thank you Lord for all that you have given to me that is mine. For heart’s desire met.

Circuit Month of Prayer & Vision

Recent Drop-in Day of Prayer at Frogpool featuring various prayer stations & opportunities for quiet reflection.

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Where Next? Circuit Vision & Planning 

Leading Together in Growing Methodist Churches

This study was based on six growing Methodist congregations in the north east of England, with the hope that the five characteristics found in these congregations are applicable to wider British Methodism. To view complete document, click on this text.

Almighty God, who listens and hears, speaks and encourages, guides and enables us; give us strength in our weakness. Light our path and bless us, as we seek to know your will and follow you. In the name of Jesus we ask, Amen.

View short video clip - London Institute for Contemporary Christianity - See 'Life on the Front Line'