On Friday, 2nd September Revd Elizabeth Harris and her husband, John were welcomed to the Circuit by Revd Steve Wild, chair of John Liz Stevethe Cornwall District. The service was conducted by Revd Robbie Bowen, Superintendent assisted by Fr Simon Bone (Anglican) and Revd Amanda Stevens.

John and Liz






  Also during the service Mr Barrie May of Carharrack was presented with a certificate commemorating 60 years as a Local Preacher. Steve BarrieM

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I dreamed a dream.
I had found my perfect Church. The Church that fitted me like a glove. It had everything I ever wanted in a Church in fact. In my dream, I went to Church on a Wednesday morning with all my family (both near and far, living and gone before me), with all my friends (those who regularly attend Church and those who don’t). The building was one of tranquil beauty with stained glass windows, yet light flooding in. There was a choir, probably made up of real angels – mere mortals don’t sing that well, but they let me join in. There were no pews, but chairs as comfy as feather beds, with individual temperature settings. Of course, I had my cats with me, and they behaved themselves amongst my friends’ dogs to perfection. The flowers on display were stunning – and no-one had hay-fever from them. The preacher was absolutely fascinating! Uplifting! Inspiring! Brief….
We didn’t just walk out of that place, we almost danced, uplifted by the power of the Holy Spirit.