What will this day bring? Things, stuff, belongings. Things that will be mine to enjoy. Stuff that I want. Belongings that I can keep for ever. Oh the joy of owning things. This day I have everything I desire. I have the fun of receiving it, opening it, examining it, using it, displaying it….. Thank you Lord for all that you have given to me that is mine. For heart’s desire met.

New every morning…. Another day, what will it bring. More stuff? More heart’s desire? But I have enough for all I need. I don’t need more. It’s beginning to collect dust, I’m starting to trip over it. It’s falling out of cupboards. It’s starting to grow mould. What else could I want?
I look around me and I see that which is now my heart’s desire: Thank you Lord for the gift of my senses. I can see now what I couldn’t see yesterday – the detail in that flower that I passed by before; the smell of the rain after the heat that I missed in my eagerness for the new; the sound of the baby’s first gurgles; the taste of the bread that I dismissed in my anticipation of that chocolate that I didn’t really need. Thank you for showing me your gifts that I had overlooked yesterday.

New every morning….. A brand new day again. I’m still thrilled by all those things I found yesterday, but then, they are no longer new to me. They are no longer like miracles because I’ve seen and heard and tasted them all before. I need new excitement, new stimulation. Oh Lord, will I ever be satisfied? What new wonders have you for me this day?
New every morning ….. is the love. The love? What love? Your love? What does that love bring? An illumination to all we had already – the gifts we have already received. A point to it all. A manner of sharing, a way of caring. Gifts that bless the giver, gifts that keep on giving. This is the bread of life that will keep us satisfied.
To hands that are already full of good gifts are added, new every morning, the gift of love, full and overflowing, freely offered and everlasting.
All this. New. Every morning.