windmills_treleaverWe hope that it will give you information on the Methodist Churches in the area and the events taking place in them.

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The Circuit consists of fourteen churches and covers the growing towns of Falmouth and Penryn along with a variety of coastal and rural villages. Combined Universities in Cornwall is based within the circuit boundary.


We work as a team across the Circuit with ministry being provided by two full time and one part time minister, one deacon, a pastor and an active supernumerary minister and many lay people. There are strong ecumenical links in many places with churches of different denominations joining together regularly for worship, study and fellowship.

We hope that you will take the opportunity to visit one of our churches if you are in this part of Cornwall. We are sure that you will receive a warm welcome. If you want to contact us, you are able to do so via this website.

Easter crosses

Maundy Thursday  
Stithians        7.00pm Maundy meal with sacrament. Everyone welcome. The meal is a simple one but to give an idea of how many to cater for, please let Tony Langford know how many are coming from your church.
Mawnan Smith 2.30pm Maundy Service (TEMPT)  
Falmouth 7.00pm Maundy meal with Tenebrae Communion Service  
Good Friday
Carharrack 10.00am Mr B May  
Frogpool 10.30am Revd B Mavers  
St Day 10.00am Revd E Harris - Meditation  
Falmouth 10.00am Walk of Witness (starting at Emmanuel Baptist)  
Peter challenges us to ‘Always be prepared to give an answer to Sharing Jesus
everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that
you have.’Every now and again people ask me, ‘Why are you a
Christian?’ and being able to respond succinctly can be a
challenge! I'm pleased to put online three free sessions on how
to share your faith. The videos have been used by local churches in small groups, over weekends away and during Sunday morning worship. Do check them out!
The videos pull ideas out of the Sharing Jesus magazine and give a mix of different ideas.
You can order the magazine to go alongside them here.

Belonging imageBelonging text

One day live streamed conference in September attended by church representatives at Ponsanooth Hall

Details of ths event are still available by clicking here 


What will this day bring? Things, stuff, belongings. Things that will be mine to enjoy. Stuff that I want. Belongings that I can keep for ever. Oh the joy of owning things. This day I have everything I desire. I have the fun of receiving it, opening it, examining it, using it, displaying it….. Thank you Lord for all that you have given to me that is mine. For heart’s desire met.